January is National Hot Tea Month

Hot tea, a delicious beverage from ancient times, contains less caffeine than coffee and is loaded with antioxidants. The Tea Council of the USA was founded in 1950 and recognizes National Hot Tea Month every January. A cherished, warm, soothing cup of tea is perfect for any time of day, especially in the cooler month of January. Originating thousands of years ago in China, tea is an essential of life that crosses all continents and cultures. Tea is savored with honey, milk, lemon, sugar, creamer or even enjoyed plain. Not only is tea a pleasure to drink but many types contain elements that are considered medicinal in nature. Many turn to this healing drink in an attempt to combat vitamin deficiencies, stress, heart disease, anxiety, insomnia, inflammation, obesity, low energy levels, memory issues and various types of infections. In celebration, take time this month to sip varieties you have yet to try and relish your favorites!

Misty Mountain Tea Shop offers many varieties of traditional tea flavors as well as Wellness Teas designed to aid with particular ailments.

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