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Organic Burdock Root

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Common Name: Burdock (Gobo)

Latin Name: Arctium lappa

Form: Dried Root, Cut

Origin: USA

Arctium lappa is an herbaceous perennial in the Asteraceae family with large, hairy leaves and thistle-like flowers growing on long stalks. Native to Europe and Asia, burdock is now naturalized in North America and Australia where it is oftentimes considered a noxious weed. For millennia, its large taproot has been an important botanical in Western folk herbalism as well as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

The roots are considered a vegetable in some countries and are often incorporated into culinary dishes such as stir fries and soups. In TCM, burdock has a long history of use for its affinity for skin support and is associated with lung and stomach meridians. It is considered energetically cooling with acrid, bitter, and sweet flavors. Traditionally, burdock root has been prepared as a decoction, as a cold infusion, or macerated as an extract. It is often incorporated into herbal formulations as it works well with many diverse botanicals.

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