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Chaga Mushroom (Ground)

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3 ounce Bag

This organic ground chaga is ready to be brewed into a delicious tea, chai, or a concentrated decoction that can be added to milk or coffee. It comes with a reusable steeping bag. You can re-steep your chaga one or more times until you see the strength of the tea diminishing (you can tell by the color). This ensures all benefits are used from this slow-growing resource.

This powerful fungal sclerotia is wild harvested from Vermont birch then dried and hand-processed to a consistent ground material.

Chaga supports:

  • Robust immune system function

  • Balanced and healthy digestive system

  • Healthy inflammation response

  • Blood Sugar Balance

  • Oxidative Protection

Suggested Use: Use approximately 1 tsp. per cup of tea or 1/2 to 1/3 filled muslin bag (included) per gallon of tea. For optimum preparation, slowly steep over low temperature until tea is dark brown.

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