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Multicolor Poppy Teapot - 5 Cup


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When you`re looking to extend a spot of tea into a full-blown "tea time", opt for this 4 cup teapot with exquisite gold gilt lid. The Multi-color Poppy Teapot is one that is meant for a long, deliberate service, where you can look forward to savoring (or serving!) up to 4 cups of tea. As soon as your chosen blend of tea has steeped, use the generous, sturdy handle to serve and expect minimal drip, thanks to its expertly curved spout and tip, made for the perfect pour every time. There is a distinct attention to detail and color through the multi-colored poppies that push for prime real estate at the top of the gold-rimmed teapot and then smoothly flow down towards its base. Extend your love for tea time and ruminate over a cup – or four!

Dimensions: 9 inches inches x 6.5 inches Capacity: 5 cups

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