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Sweet Watermelon Matcha Tea

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Refreshing watermelon slices on warm summer days - pink, juicy, and ripe. Contains Sugar.

Ingredients: Cane Sugar, Green Tea, Watermelon, Natural + Artificial Flavors.

Tea(s) From: Paraguay / Japan

Antioxidant Level: Medium

Caffeine Content: Medium

Brewing Guide: Add 1/2 teaspoon of matcha to 2 ounces of boiling water. Stir well. Add 6 ounces of milk (warm or cold).

Unlike traditional teas in which the leaves are brewed and discarded, Matcha is powdered and brewed whole. As such, the leaves themselves are actually consumed. In addition to producing incredible mouth feel and a thick, rich cup, this maximizes the antioxidant benefits of the tea, helping it rank amongst the World's most healthful beverages.

All teas and herbs are sold per ounce.

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