Create Your Own Tea Sample Set - All Types - Misty Mountain Tea Shop
Create Your Own Tea Sample Set - All Types - Misty Mountain Tea Shop
Create Your Own Tea Sample Set - All Types - Misty Mountain Tea Shop
Create Your Own Tea Sample Set - All Types - Misty Mountain Tea Shop
Create Your Own Tea Sample Set - All Types - Misty Mountain Tea Shop
Create Your Own Tea Sample Set - All Types - Misty Mountain Tea Shop
Create Your Own Tea Sample Set - All Types - Misty Mountain Tea Shop
Create Your Own Tea Sample Set - All Types - Misty Mountain Tea Shop

Create Your Own Tea Sample Set - All Types

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Sample Set
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Are you looking to try a variety of different loose leaf teas without over-spending? We are offering you the opportunity of picking the exact teas you would like to try in your sample set, at a discounted price. You will also receive free shipping as well.

Please type the name of the teas you would like to receive as well as the number of teas you would like in your set. If a tea is out of stock, you will be notified so you may choose a different replacement tea.

Individual Sample Size: 1/2 ounce, except where size is listed as 1/3 ounce


Chocolate Orange Black Tea
Cinnamon Vanilla Black Tea
Strawberry Lemon Black Tea
Chocolate Mint Black Tea
Wild Blueberry Black Tea
Mango Black Tea
Creme' de la Vanille Black Tea
Tropical Sensation Black Tea
Apple Spice Black Tea
Raspberry Black Tea
Moroccan Mint Black Tea
Caramel Black Tea
Peach Apricot Black Tea
Monk's Blend Black Tea
Yorkshire Harrogate Black Tea
Creamy Vanilla Black Tea
Swiss Hot Cocoa Black Tea
Caramel Cherry Black Tea
Chocolate Caramel Black Tea
Winter Citrus Spice Black Tea
Irish Cream Black Tea
Enchanted Rose Black Tea
Creamy Hazelnut Vanilla Black Tea
Black Forest Black Tea

Decaf Black Currant Black Tea
Decaf Peach Apricot Black Tea
Decaf Monk's Blend Black Tea
Decaf Strawberry Black Tea
Decaf Orange Spice Black Tea

English Breakfast Tea
Irish Breakfast Tea
Scottish Breakfast Tea
Canadian Breakfast Tea
Creamy Irish Breakfast Tea
Decaf English Breakfast Tea

Sleepy Hollow Pumpkin Chai Tea
Caffeine Free Chai Tea
Cinnamon Chai Rooibos Tea
Chocolate Chai Tea
Vanilla Chai Tea
Chai Green Tea
Indian Spiced Chai Tea
English Garden Chai Tea
Spiced Fruit Chai Tea
Malabar Spiced Chai Rooibos Tea
South Indian Chai Tea

A Touch of Caramel Earl Grey Tea
French Lavender Earl Grey Tea
Creamy Earl Grey Black Tea
Anastasia's Earl Grey Tea
Secret Garden Tea Party - Earl Grey Tea
Baroness Earl Grey Tea
Decaf Earl Grey Tea
Decaf Creamy Earl Grey Tea

Cherry Rose Sencha Green Tea
Japanese Genmaicha Yamasaki Green Tea
Jasmine Flower Green Tea
Apple-Licious Green Tea
Pineapple Mango Green Tea
Papaya Strawberry Green Tea
Minty Green Tea
Cinnamon Sibu Green Tea
Jasmine Lichee Green Tea
Blueberry Green Tea
Jasmine Peach Green Tea
Raspberry Infusion Green Tea

Peaches and Cream Herbal Tea
Apple Spice Herbal Tea
Apple Cranberry Herbal Tea
Mango Lemonade Herbal Tea
Strawberry Kiwi Herbal Tea
Blueberry Herbal Tea
Whole Fruit Herbal Tea
Orange Cream Herbal Tea
Berry Blast Herbal Tea
Key Lime Herbal Tea
Caramel Apple Herbal Tea
Island Paradise Herbal Tea

Senna Colon Cleanse Tea
Just For Her Tea
Sleep Time Tea
Raspberry Lemon Tea
Time to Focus Tea
Happy Days Tea
Stress Relief Calming Tea
Cherry Splashed Ashwagandha Tea
Gut Relief Tea
Ginger Turmeric Tea
Restorative Moringa Tea
Breathe Easy Tea
Digestive Support Tea
Antioxidant Booster Tea
Tri-Blend Holy Basil Tea
Ayurvedic Total Body Tea
Memory Tea
Cleanse and Detox Tea
Ginger Rose White Tea
Skin Balance Tea
Adaptogen Energy Support Tea
Garden Serenity Tea
Tulsi Wellness Tea
Organic Immune Recovery Aid Tea
Sinus Support Tea
Essiac Tea Tea
Herbal Energy Tea
Immune Support Ayurvedic Tea
Cranberry Echinacea Tea
Deep Sleep Relief Tea

White Willow Bark
Fenugreek Seed
Milk Thistle Seed
Honeysuckle Petals (1/3 ounce)
Butterfly Blue Pea Flowers (1/3 ounce)
Linden Petals
Chamomile Flowers
Calendula Petals
Whole Calendula Flowers
Elder Flower Petals
Passion Flower Petals
Yarrow Flowers
French Lavender Flowers
Rose Petals (1/3 ounce)
Rose Hip Peel
Safflower Petals (1/3 ounce)
Whole Cloves
Hawthorne Berries
Black Goji Berries (1/3 ounce)
Red Goji Berries
Schisandra Berries (1/3 ounce)
Whole Elderberries
Hawthorn Leaves
Gotu Kola Leaves
Meadowsweet Leaves
Feverfew Leaves
Sage Leaves
Peppermint Leaves
Catnip Leaves
Lemon Balm Leaves
Skullcap Leaves (1/3 ounce)
Nettle Leaves
Stevia Leaves
Thyme Leaves (1/3 ounce)
St John's Wort Leaves
Chickweed Leaves
Wood Betony Leaves
Plantain Leaves
Uva Ursi Leaves
Dandelion Leaves
Moringa Leaves
Lemongrass Leaves
Oregon Grape Root
Turmeric Root
Ginger Root
Ashwagandha Root
Wild Yam Root (1/3 ounce)
Valerian Root (1/3 ounce)
Echinacea Purpurea Root (1/3 ounce)
Dandelion Root
Burdock Root
Horseradish Root

Sweet Watermelon Oolong Tea (1/3 ounce)
Goji Berry Oolong Tea (1/3 ounce)
Mango Peach Oolong Tea (1/3 ounce)
Strawberry Oolong Tea (1/3 ounce)
Orange Blossom Oolong Tea

Scottish Caramel Toffee Pu-erh Tea (1/3 ounce)
Caramel Mocha Coffee Pu-erh Tea (1/3 ounce)
Crème Brulee Coffee Pu-erh Tea (1/3 ounce)
French Vanilla Coffee Pu-erh Tea (1/3 ounce)
Ginger Peach Pu-erh Tea Tea (1/3 ounce)

ROOIBOS TEA: (No Caffeine)
Spiced Pear Rooibos Tea
Hawaiian Sunset Rooibos Tea
Caramel Cream Rooibos Tea
Chocolate Truffle Rooibos Tea
Vanilla Rooibos Tea
Blueberry Rooibos Tea
Strawberry Fields Rooibos Tea
White Chocolate Rooibos Tea
Raspberry Jam Rooibos Tea
Peach Rooibos Tea
Organic Lavender Berry Rooibos Tea
Green Rooibos Tea
Chocolate Mint Rooibos Tea

All teas and herbs are sold per ounce.

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