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Hibiscus Roselle Seeds (Hibiscus sabdariffa) - Organic

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Family:  Mallow (Malvaceae)

As a perennial, Zones 9 to 12, otherwise grown as a 110 day summer annual

(Roselle, Flor de Jamaica, Red Drops)

Tropical perennial grown as an annual in temperate climates, native to India and Malaysia.  Creamy blooms give way to the bright red, fleshy calyces, which may be made into tea, jelly, syrup or wine.  The plant prefers moderately rich, well-drained soil in the full sun.  Nick seed, soak overnight and sow in warm soil. Cultivation note:  I find these to be easy to start in the greenhouse but hard to make healthy in pots.  They tend to suffer as seedlings if started too early, although a very fast-draining (essentially, a cactus mix) may be helpful .  Several options have proven to be effective.  1) always nick and soak before planting, plant shallowly and tamp well, then keep very warm for optimal germination. 2) direct-seed in the summer garden or 3) start indoors in the late spring to early summer and transplant out after soil has truly warmed up.  4) holding seedlings in pots for a long time, even in greenhouse conditions, is usually not particularly satisfactory.  Sometimes it works.  Space plants 2 feet apart.

Packet contains 10 seeds

Certified Organically Grown

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