Sun Breather Lapsang
Sun Breather Lapsang
Sun Breather Lapsang
Sun Breather Lapsang

Sun Breather Lapsang

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The Sun Breather Lapsang is inspired by a popular Anime series. Created in Taiwan, the Sun-Breather Lapsang is a very smooth and deeply flavorful cup with delectable mild hints of pine and oak fire.

Ingredients: Black Tea

Tea Origin: Taiwan





Production begins by withering freshly picked tea over pine and oak fires, pan-firing, and then rolling the leaf by hand. Once rolled, leaves are pressed into wooden barrels, covered with cloth, and allowed to ferment. Next, the leaves are re-rolled into tight strips and placed in bamboo baskets, which are hung over burning pine boughs. As they dry, the leaves further develop their rich smoky flavor. Because of the quality of the fresh leaf used to produce Sun-Breather Lapsang, the resulting tea is one of the worlds finest. The flavor is robust, deep, and highly aromatic, filling the mouth with distinctive smoky pine notes.

Brewing Guide: 1 teaspoon of tea
Water Temperature: 212°
Steep Time: 3-5 minutes

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